Max Segal Founder of Camp Segal

Max Segal

"make memories and friends that will last a lifetime"

Hi, my name is Max Segal and welcome to Camp Segal!! We are a series of small summer sports camps in New York and New Jersey. Our goal is to provide a fun, close to home, flexible camp experience for elementary and middle school kids.


Growing up and attending conventional camps, I found I was doing activities that I didn't particularly like. As a camper, I had no power to request to play my favorite sports like basketball and tennis. That's why Camp Segal is focused on flexibility. Because each of our camp locations has only up to 50 campers, each camper and each parent has the ability to have their camp voices heard. 


Whether you like to play competitive sports or want to take a leisurely dip in the pool, we have everything for you. If you would like to try a new sport, we have ample college athletes ready to coach you and make you a star.


This summer, our campers will not only compete in various sports, but make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.


Camp starts on July 5th and will run throughout the summer until August 27th, so sign up now to reserve your child’s spot.