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Camp Segal is a coed summer day camp for children ages 4 - 13. Campers can look forward to basketball, kickball, arts and crafts, ice cream truck visits, improv, and more!

Camp runs June 26 - August 18, Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm with optional care until 5pm. All snacks, drinks, and lunch twice a week are included in the price. 

Camp tuition can be found on the Dates + Rates tab.

Payment: Please go through the camper registration form to see the payment options.


For more information, see below.

  • What if my child has severe allergies and/or an Epi-Pen?
    Camp Segal takes extreme precautions when it comes to allergies. Our dedicated allergy specialist reviews the lunch and snacks of each camper with allergies, working closely with their counselors to ensure every meal is carefully reviewed before it is given to the camper. Camp Segal never compromises the safety of our campers. Camp Segal is a “nut-aware” facility, serving only food that is free of tree nuts, peanuts, and nut oils and was manufactured in nut-free facilities. The allergy specialist inspects every shipment of ingredients received by our kitchen to ensure these requirements are maintained. Epi-Pens are managed and administered by our Health Director.
  • What if I need to bring my camper in later than 9 AM, or want to pick up earlier than 4 PM?
    No problem! Just give our office a ring at 917-848-2940 and we will make the necessary arrangements for your camper.
  • What if I need to drop my child off later than 4 PM?
    No worries! Camp Segal parents love that they have the option to pick up their child later than 4. If you need to pick your child up later than 4, your child can stay with their favorite counselors, enjoying extra activities with friends, until 5 pm. Information for signup is located on our signup page.
  • Is there a meal plan? What can my child expect for lunch?
    Camp Segal is excited to offer a twice-a-week lunch program! On Tuesdays, campers can get excited for a finger-friendly meal such as chicken nuggets and french fries and on Fridays, we are excited to once again offer our camper favorite pizza from a local kosher pizzeria and visitation from an ice cream truck! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, campers should pack their own lunch. Parents, please ensure that your packed lunches follow this policy: -All packaged foods brought by campers to camp must be dairy or pareve (i.e. neither dairy nor meat; please note that in Jewish law, fish is not considered meat). -Campers cannot share food with other campers.
  • What if my child is a “picky” eater?
    Camp Segal’s delicious and nutritious meals, offered twice a week, which include one “finger food” meal and one pizza day a week, are planned by our team with children’s tastes in mind. In the event that your child is a picky eater, we always have plenty of other options. Counselors serve lunch to ensure that every child finds something that he or she likes, including alternative choices! *Please let us know when you sign up if your child has any aversions to certain foods or dietary restrictions.
  • Does Camp Segal have a uniform/what should I send my child to camp with?
    Camp Segal does not have a required camp uniform! We ask that all campers wear a pair of closed-toed sneakers, wear a comfy outfit that they can run around in, a water bottle, and sunscreen.
  • Can my child be placed in the same group as a friend?
    Campers may request to be grouped with up to two other campers within the same group. An important reason for coming to Camp Segal is the excitement of making new friends! *Please place request in the "additional info" box in sign-up.
  • What kind of training does your staff go through?
    All staff members are trained in First-Aid and CPR by our dedicated Health Director. Staff members participate in a rigorous training program before the start of camp. Their education continues during the summer with the ongoing discussion of group dynamics, the well-being of individual campers, programming, and logistics. The staff is there to ensure that your child feels safe, nurtured, happy, and accepted by the camp community.
  • What is a typical day like?
    The typical camp day begins with arrival at 9:00 - 9:30 am with the first activity beginning at 9:30 am. There are 5 periods in the morning, with a snack break in between, then lunch, then 5 periods in the afternoon with snack to end the day. Activities are both indoor and outdoor and are balanced accordingly.
  • What safety policies does Camp Segal have to ensure the safety of the campers?
    Safety is paramount at Camp Segal. We have a PA system throughout the facility. Each of our Directors and counselors carries 2-way Radio which keeps us in constant contact with each other. All persons entering the campus must be checked-in with our top-of-the-line private security. If you have to pick up your child(ren) earlier than the dismissal time you must call ahead and we will bring your child(ren) to you. If you must send someone other than yourself or your authorized pick-up person, you must call ahead to let the office staff know and that person MUST have a picture I.D. or they will not be allowed to take your child(ren). If there are any special concerns that you have concerning authorized pick-ups, a director will be happy to handle that personally.
  • How old are the campers who attend Camp Segal?
    Camp Segal welcomes campers who are 4 to 13 years, or Pre-K through 8th grade.
  • What happens on a rainy day?
    Camp Segal offers indoor spaces to accommodate inclement weather conditions. Campers play games inside under the supervision of our dedicated counselors and staff as they are put on an adjusted schedule. While no camp wants to see clouds in the sky, Camp Segal turns a rainy day into one that campers will be sure to remember!
  • Do I have flexibility in the number of weeks my child can attend?
    Yes! Your child will have the option of attending any number of our 8 weeks. You choose the week or weeks that work for you. A special discount is offered when you register for more than two (2) weeks at a time. See our dates and rates below.
  • Can we add on weeks during the summer, while camp is already in session?
    The more the merrier! If you decide to add on weeks, please reach out to us ASAP as we want to maintain the maximum number of campers permitted to participate per week to maintain a safe and effective coach-to-camper ratio. Payment is requested in full, via cash or check, and MUST be received by the first Monday of the campers added week(s). See our Dates and Rates below.
  • What do I do if my child cannot make it to camp on any given day?
    Please call the camp office at 917-848-2940 or email us as early as possible to let us know. Unfortunately, we can not refund any missed days.
  • Besides playing sports or working on their sport skills, what else will my child do at Camp Segal?
    How does Water Tag or a color run sound? The entire camp joins together and shows off their team (bunk) spirit with these fun activities. Check out our 2023 events calendar below for a taste of what we’ve got planned for this summer!


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you do not see your question above.



  1. Tshirt

  2. Shorts

  3. Hat

  4. Water bottle

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Bathing suit

  7. Towel

  8. Socks

  9. Sneakers

  10. Drawstring bag

  11. Extra pair of everything

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